Our Story

Rococo Coffee Roasting was formed in 2008 by two friends who shared a vision for great coffee, strong community, and tireless service. For the past decade, Adam Olsen, Kent Beidel, and their dedicated team have focused on this recipe, cultivating a thriving coffee business in the heart of Kirkland, WA.

Rococo has since changed its name to Thruline Coffee Co. But, aside from that, not much is different than it was when we began. We still feel the customer experience and community connection are paramount, and work hard to demonstrate those values every day, in all we do.

Building relationships is one of our strengths. We feel blessed to be a business that facilitates connections in our community, whether customers, employees, vendors, or neighbors. We embrace partners who love what we do and share our dedication to quality.

Roasted to order

Packed by hand and by real people

With immense pride in what we do and what we make, we strive to remain a crew of humble and thoughtful people.

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